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Monday, July 18, 2005

I surrender

Well, after years of refusing to give into another webfad that's been so overhyped everywhere, I have finally caved in and created my own blog. This isn't really my first blog however. My first one was created out of boredom and a desire to test my "1337" html skillz. My illusions of grandeur back then were much larger. It was the tail end of the dotcom boom and I wanted a piece of the pie. I was into it all. Cyberbegging, "Get paid to websurf", eBay, banner ads, etc. Looking back, I now realize that you could find websites of my caliber just about anywhere on Geocities. I am filled with much shame, but as soon as I can find a decent webhost for under $20 and can attend to something (like this blog) on a regular basis, the world shall know the power of the House of Rassle!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!


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